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Lindsey's Story:


Hey, Friends!

I'm sure you're all wondering how I got into waxing buttholes so let me tell you...

It all started back in 2007.  I was a high school senior trying to decide what I would be going to college to pursue my dreams for.  I have always had a passion for helping women and making them feel good about themselves so I thought, "why not be an OB/GYN"?  Luckily for me, my high school offered a program where I could go to a local hospital and be immersed in all of the women's services.  This included Labor & Delivery.  While in the program, I witnessed a sweet innocent baby be born addicted to heroin.  I decided this was no longer going to be the career path for me.  I told my parents that I would not be attending college (that did not go over well) and immediately my mom began searching for something, ANYTHING, for me to do.  One day she came to be with the idea of becoming an aesthetician.  I had no clue what that was, but it sounded important so I liked that.

Almost 17 years later... here I am!  I wouldn't trade it for anything.

Fun Facts About Me:

-I love anything Red Velvet (yummy).

-My yorkiepoo Gemma is the love of my life.

-I am a 2x melanoma fighter!

Happy wax/makeup reactions and relaxed facial faces are my favorite.  I love being able to enhance my client's beauty and bring out their confidence ♥.

I absolutely adore my job and I can't wait to meet you!

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