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Brazilian/Bikini Waxing:
10 Things You Need to Know

1.  It may be awkward for you, but it isn't for me.

I have been doing this for 15+ years, I have seen it ALL.  I originally wanted to be an OB/GYN, but an unfortunate experience while doing an internship at a hospital kept me from pursuing that field (feel free to ask me about it).  So trust me, you're in good hands!


2.  It only takes about 15 minutes and we NEVER double dip!

Yes, you read that right!  15 minutes (or less)!  There is absolutely no need for you to be exposing your lady bits any longer than that.  We pride ourselves on cleanliness and you will NEVER see us double-dip.

Safety and sanitation are #1!


3.  Let it Grow, Let it Grow...

You need 3-4 weeks of hair growth for a proper wax.  Anything less can result in quick regrowth (many hairs won't come out, to begin with) and it is more uncomfortable the shorter it is.  6 weeks in-between waxes without shaving or any other type of hair removal are suggested.  This will ensure that all 3 of your hair growth cycles have grown out from the previous wax.  It is a process, but it is so worth it!


4.  Shower (or at least freshen) if you're anxious.

Wipes are provided when you come in.  If you are super nervous about being naked from the waist down in front of a complete stranger, take a shower prior to arriving.  It makes you feel much more comfortable and not as self-conscious.


5.  The butt part hurts the least!

Getting a brazilian really isn't as bad or dramatic as you think.  Take ibuprofen about an hour prior to your appointment to help minimize discomfort, and avoid caffeine 5 hours prior (as this makes you more sensitive).  Waxing does sting for a moment, but it only lasts a couple of seconds.  The more you wax, the less uncomfortable it is.  Plus, over the course of time, your hair stops growing and thins out.  That means... less hair to wax!


6.  You don't have to be bare!

You can absolutely leave a landing strip or triangle if you don't want to be completely bare down there.  No, I can't do initials or lightning bolts, sorry!  If you aren't sure whether you want a bikini or brazilian, we can do an in-betweenie which is something right in the middle ;).


7.  Tight jeans and lacy undies are a no-no.

If you can help it, try not to wear anything super constricting to your appointment.  Cotton undies are suggested (definitely no lace) especially if you're running errands afterward.


8.  You should NOT:

Tan (bed or spray), have sex, work out, swim, take a bath, sit in a sauna (you get the idea....), or apply lotions/creams for 24-48 hours after your wax.  These could all cause more irritation and we certainly don't want that!


9.  Reactions DO happen.

Yes, it is absolutely 100% normal to have a reaction after getting a wax.  It doesn't always happen, but if it does, no need to worry.  Reactions can range from redness and minor swelling to little red or white bumps.  Taking a Benadryl helps to combat any type of reaction that may occur.  If you're going on vacation or getting married, I suggest coming in 4-5 days prior.


10.  Last but not least...

Just like you tip your hairdresser and nail technician, you also tip your waxer.  It's not "glamorous" being hands deep in coochie-mama's all day, so please, show your appreciation.

I retail after care products for the perfect post-wax exfoliation and ingrown free experience!

Feel free to ask about them when you visit.

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